A roadmap for Sri Lankan Tamils
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R Swaminathan believes that many of the  Sri Lankan Tamil politicians are yet to recover their role of Tamil leadership they had surrendered(not willingly) to the LTTE almost two decades ago.

He calls for them to come out of their ‘stupor’ and start functioning as legitimate leaders of a ‘deprived’ comunnity. Swaminathan also makes it clear that a seperatist agenda is not in of the realm of possiblity.  Here is his roadmap:

a. Openly and clearly disown the militancy of LTTE and seek a peaceful resolution within the framework of a unified Sri Lankan nation.

b. Use the delays imposed by the president, to organize themselves into cadre-based parties working amongst the people, with whom they have had little interaction or meaningful contact for two decades.

c. Be politically active and mobilize public opinion throughout Sri Lanka, in favour of ethnic reconciliation at the national level.

d. Consider a coordinated effort by all the Tamil parties, through a “Joint Action Committee”, to demand and urge forward movement on the package for political devolution – instead of merely of waiting for crumbs to fall from the presidential table.

e. Behave as “Sri Lankan” political parties and not look for inspiration and support from outside the country.