Dear NAC
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It has come to the notice of the citizenry that your body, the National Advisory Council, has been “favouring” and “recommending” certain amendments to a bill intended to deal with communal violence, including the setting up of a national authority intended to as much as “oversee” actions taken by states to tackle communal violence.

First, may I humbly take this opportunity to remind the eminences that grace your august body that a small group of unelected, unaccountable individuals such as yours, to put it politely, have little business interfering in the making of laws and their execution by democratically elected governments?

May I also remind you that the job of preventing and tackling communal violence ultimately lies with the police and the local civil administration? Also that the most effective long term solution to tackle communal violence is thorough reform of the police forces to help relieve the state police of excess political control and help them become a modern, independent, professional force capable of anticipating and dealing with communal violence?

May I point out that yet another central body, whose members are bound to have little ground level knowledge of the fault lines and immediate causes that lead to communal violence, are likely to have more expertise at emotional hyperventilation rather than dispassionate analysis, and are likely to have their own narrow professional interests to peddle, represents just the antithesis of the objectiveness and probity required for a job like tackling communal violence?

Thank you.

A concerned citizen.