The true nature of the Kashmir "freedom struggle"
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Praveen Swami of The Hindu has an article today on how Islamists are systematically and violently eliminating all moderate and secular “resistance” (or what remains of it) to the Islamist agenda in Kashmir.

The article points to a shocking video in possession of The Hindu of three middle aged Kashmiri men being brutally tortured, humiliated and having their human rights violated by Kashmiri “freedom fighters”, who make much noise about human rights violations by Indian security forces.

In a scene symbolic of the nature of the Kashmir “freedom struggle”, one of the tortured men who has been stripped to his underpants cries out in agony and terror, “I swear to God. I will pray, pray five times a day”, as an Islamist points a pistol to his head.  The three men are beaten with wooden rods and the bruises on their bodies indicate the amount of torture that they were subjected to. The crime: the three men were apparently not pious enough from the Islamists’ point of view and are being “reeducated.”

As Praveen Swami writes:

The video provides grim insight into the Islamist movement which began to acquire power across the region from earlier in the decade. The young men who participated in these mobilisations now form the organisational backbone of the street protests raging in Kashmir.

From elsewhere in the article, we have shocking tales of a dental surgeon who was tortured and killed after his throat was slit with a shaving blade, a children’s computer centre, lab and library that was set of fire, a bombing of the home of a school principal, a kidnapping of a school principal who failed to enforce Islamist demands that women students wear the veil. We also have a trader who was killed for initiating dialogue with the government to reduce violence, a video operator who was killed for broadcasts that Islamists found offensive, a Sopore mystic who was almost assassinated apparently for not being Islamic enough for the Islamists.

If this is the state of Kashmir today, one can imagine the horrors that await moderate and secular elements and non-Muslim minorities in an independent Kashmir. As we pointed out before, the Kashmir “freedom struggle” is an Islamist political movement whose objective is to establish an Islamic republic in Kashmir that will run on strict sharia law. Freedom for Kashmir really means freedom for Islamists to implement strict sharia law and relegate non-Muslim minorities to second class status.

All freedom loving people must know and understand the true nature of the Kashmir “freedom struggle” and confront the violent and illiberal ideology that drives it. The Islamist Kashmir “freedom struggle” must be destroyed for the cause of freedom in Jammu and Kashmir and throughout the subcontinent.