Announcement : The Conspiracy is getting bigger.
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Gentlepeople, it gives us great please in welcoming Siddhartha Chatterjee,Dosabandit, Parth Sheth, Right Wing Indian and Rajaram Muthukrishnan to the CRI Resident commentariat. It’s a small albeit a significant step in our dream of building best alternative media outlet for Conservative political commentary.

All of these individuals are, as you may well be aware, are supremely gifted writers and perspicacious analysts.

Sidd has a remarkable writing talent . He writes on range of subjects including politics/culture/society/economics.

Dosabandit hates inclusive growth and has superbly nailed a few stupid ideas and narratives being peddled by his favorite diva. It’s generally believed that he is suitably impressed with Rahul Gandhi

Parth Sheth who was selling pharmacy for a living till very recently is an erudite young man. He has been driving some of CRI’s strategic planning initiatives

Right Wing Indian and Rajaram as we know are real top-notch geopolitical pundits besides being men of remarkable achievements in their chosen professional field . So we will have  some happy times reading their scenario’s depicting the eventual dismantling of Pakistan. (Well, not really but then..)

As is usual we will help new members divorce their spouses, lose their day jobs and miss mortgage payments to facilitate their involvement in building up CRI as an alternative opinions outlet.

Wish them all well.

All of the above new members and most of the veteran members can be found on Twitter. Click to access the CRI Commentariat Twitter List.