TN Voters have the last laugh
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The mighty voter in my home state Tamilnadu has spoken loud and clear… and in fact has had the last laugh.

The deafening noise of this loud laughter will have its effect most on three places…

One– in the homes of the Karunanidhi clan (am not saying in the homes of the DMK because, Karuna and his cohorts have ensured that the mighty organisation that the DMK is, has become a servile slave to the ceaseless greed of a bunch of family members!).

Its time for them to have egg in their face – they thought and even nurtured wild dreams till the morning of Friday the 13th, that the bundles of notes with the father of the nation smiling on it, will blind the people of the state to all their deeds and misdeeds on the past 5 years of family rule.

A rule that made sure that the loot of the people was comprehensive – beginning from the skies (spectrum) and down to the earth (huge tranches of land all over the state promoted and sold to people all across the state by the family and most ministers in the party), and below the earth (sand-mining).

The first family and the party that is slave to the family even went on to insult the knowledge of the people, by saying again and again that 2G is a non-issue -just displaying the brazen attitude – almost as if saying that “get the freebies we give and close your eyes to all that we do” and “you have been bribed to vote to us, and in that sense you are a slave.

The crude message by Karuna, the so called Chanakya of  Indian politics, and many in his  DMK was  – look people, we have gone on to share the spoils of our loot right to your homes and hence, you are party to all this.

To Karuna and the DMK, the last laugh the people had was to say – fine, you guys don’t deserve a place here, not just for bringing shame to our state by your acts of himalayan corruption in Delhi and in TN, but even worse, assuming that we, the people of TN are so shameless that we will be mute to your corrupt-vulgarity and obnoxious-nepotism just by taking a few hundred rupees for us to exercise a choice enshrined in our constitution – the  mighty, once in 5 year weapon in our hands – the vote.

Two – In the homes of the powers that be at Delhi.. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the puppet PM, that is Dr Manmohan Singh. And all those from TN in that party, all arm chair politicians most of whom have never or will never see the hustings in any Indian constituency.

They, sitting in the comforts of their homes/offices at Delhi failed to see the writing on the wall. Or is it righting all over, including in their own mirrors? The citizens of TN were disgusted by the shameless solidarity of the Congress party to a bunch of Karuna’s family members institutionalizing corruption, and speaking as though they have been empowered by the past vote to loot.

Even after the thousands of the stories in the media on the brazen 2G and other scams like Commonwealth, Adarsh housing etc, and the public solidarity with the crusades of the likes of Anna Hazare, the Congress chose to ignore the public anger with the regime in TN.

So much that the excuse given by Sonia, the PM and most ministers was that in our ruled states, we have removed CM’s. We are squeaky clean. But the coalition partner DMK was crucial to us, and so we will stay blind to all dirt in the name of respect and fear to the old man Karunanidhi.

Sadly, the people of TN did not see it that way – the message they got was, we are not a principal party in TN, and you people got what you deserved. Why should we interfere in the Karuna family affair (sweetly assuming that even the state was the Karuna family).

It was as if the intent was to insult the TN people than to see what is the ground reality. Even after the scams had battered the image of the DMK, none of the Congress leadership chose to at-least avoid displaying their proximity to the first family in TN.  The moment a Congress leader landed in the Chennai airport, the first on the agenda was to run to Karunanidhi’s house – telling the world that we don’t worry about your loot, yet we will stay glued to you.

This angered the TN voter, and in his last laugh that deafens the Congress, he says – never ever take TN voters for granted.

The love of Karunanidhi and his family by the Congress leadership turned them into a nasty quagmire, which has sunk them. And they will continue to do so, more they display this ugly love, as people here perceive it.

Three  – The so called national media – thanks to compulsions or whatever, none of them could make up their mind if they should do a proper exit poll and see the landslide of the opposition happening.

For their failure to read the people properly, the last laugh is hitting them too! Almost as if cautioning that, never take any state voters for granted – by imposing your ‘newsroom’ views and compulsions on the mighty voter.

While many such polls earlier, by so called renowned psephologist could see ‘a  subterranean wave’ in other states,  how is that almost all of them were confused and said that there will be hung assembly, DMK – Congress will make it back, and utter nonsense on those lines.

It was either that some of the media were inspired to do such surveys, or they got it way of the mark – which means that they better re-visit if they should ever venture into such removed-from-the-ground pollstering.

Yon can’t do a great scientific survey in such a tsumani against brazen nepotism and corruption, and yet claim there was a margin of error.

The one and only winner in all this is – the mighty voter of TN!

All political parties and the media have a whole lot of learnings to do. Good if they do it, and bad for those who will continue to insult the  mighty voter.

Here, the TN voter keeps laughing, in quite nervous anticipation of what is in store in until the next time they can get to show how powerful they are