Wisdom Of Chacha Chaudhary
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Reproduced from one of the many illuminating episodes of that great sage of wisdom Chacha Chaudhary.

Once, it so happened that Chacha hired a servant “Ramu” whose sole duty was to give him one glass of milk before sleeping.

Since Ramu was health concious (and further believed in socialism), he decided to help himself with half of the nourishing milk replacing it with water.

Now when this continued for some weeks Chacha started having doubt and hired another servant “Kallu” entrusted with the task of keeping an eye on Ramu.

Ramu with ingenuity characterstic of lawyers and frauds offered to share milk with Kallu.
Kallu believed that solidarity with comrades took precedence over integrity and therefore happily acquiesced to fleecing his master (who it must be said was a bourgeoise vermin) and helped themselves with two third of the milk, replenishing as before with water.

It was not long before Chacha grew suspicous and hired yet another (!) servant “Dholu” to ensure that Ramu and Kallu do not cheat.

However Ramu and Kallu were able to persuade Dholu to take part in their little scam.
There was a problem though, any further division of milk did not leave anyone with enough milk. But knavery is father of “jugaad” and our three heroes were nothing if not knave.
Thus they divided the whole milk among themselves, and coated white luxurious moustache of Chacha with the cream.

Chacha called them up in the morning indignant and remonstrated with them for dereliction of their duties. To which the servants protested and as evidence pointed towards his moustache.

However Chacha had enough. He summarily fired them. He closed the incident by repeating a fine proverb Apna haath jagannath.