Announcement: New members, new team, new CRI !!!
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We're happy to inform you that effective today Manohar Seetharam and Dosabandit assume responsibilities as Community Editors. The CRI iniative has suffered some attrition in the form of two of our core team members being away on academic paroles. Furthermore all of us feel that the only way to grow the community, increase our level of interaction and to promote new initatives is to seek help from competent people. Hence, the expansion.

Both Manohar and Dosabandit have been of great help to CRI, and have agreed to devote a significant amount of their precious time in order to lead a number of new initiatives. We cannot thank them enough.

We have more good news.

Kesava Vivekananda Sharma will join us a member of the Resident Commentariat. Like Manohar and Dosabandit, Kesava would also assist us run new initiatives and campaigns. Kesava has been one of our most enthusiastic members. He takes a keen interest in our future and as all of you know he is also a regular blogger.

As is usual we will help new members divorce their spouses, lose their day jobs and miss mortgage payments to facilitate their involvement in building up CRI as an alternative opinions outlet.

Wish them all well.