Rules of Indian Sicu-Liber Farm
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Rules of Indian Sicu-Liber Farm: You say Jai Shri Ram, you are Ram Sene!

Rule #1: When Swamy’s house was vandalized: it is good to have happened to him, how he dared to write that article in DNA!

Rule#2: Freedom of Speech/Expression is only for the Folks whom media likes!

Rule#3: Freedom of Speech is not good for Taslima Nasreen (or Statesman’s Editor, or news reporter beat up by Digy AND sundry other reporters)!

Rule#4: Only Sahebs and Peace-loving citizens like Yasin Malik are correct, rest all are idiots (or worse)!

Rule#5: RSS is THE Evil (whereas) Imam Bukhari is THE true nationalist in India!

Rule#6: Everyone is innocent till proven guilty save for the likes Narendra Modi!

Rule#7: Like Indian Chinese, we have Indian Secularism where, no matter what they say, Majority Community is always guilty!

Rule#8: We can be hosted by Fai Chands, we can broker who get which ministries but we are the chosen ones to decide what is right and what is wrong!

Rule#9: Only what Gandhi-Nehru Family, Congress, Congress leaders say is THE truth to be parroted by our media doyens; rest is all conspiracy theory!

Rule#10: being proud of our nation, civilization, culture, traditions, religion, history is oh-so communal and majoritarian! And, that will make you an uncultured, Hindu Fundamentalist!

Rule#11: Facts can be ignored or even changed for the great cause of jihad for liberalism, secularism or many other esoteric isms!

Rule#12: Despite of any kind of abuse from secu-liber jamaat, you must be civil to abusers or you be consigned to secular hell as a Hindutva troll!

Rule#13: The burden of proof about anything is never on leftist, secularist khaap; it is always for accused to prove their innocence!

Rule#14: Only we have the authority to quote from Ambedkar to Zakaria; rest all of you, especially all those from Sangh Parivar, are to be treated as village idiots!

Rule#15: All of you must respect constitutional authorities but this shall not apply to Sonia Congress!

Rule#16: Riot and scams happen only in states ruled by non-Congress parties and specifically BJP!

Rule#17: Gujarat’s growth story should be totally ignored. If not possible, we must restrict that praise to the maximum two lines in 2-page article; the rest should be devoted to Gujarat riots 2002!

Rule#18: You shall never speak about the plight of Kashmiri Pundits or exile from their homeland. Only mention allowed is: KPs left on their own will at the instigation of the then Communal Fascist Governor!

Rule#19: We in Indian English Language Media are Vodafone Pugs so our motto is: Sonia Party is always right whether ruling or in opposition!

Rule#20: That “Might is right” rule does apply to the Majority; they must be large hearted and so always should turn the other cheek – for slap or slaughter – and be ready, a la Gandhiji, to write blank checks!

Rule#21: Whether someone was part of RSS, BJP or other orgnization, ALL follies, mistakes and misdemeanors must be traced back to them and laid at the doors of entire Sangh Parivar!

Rule#22: Anyone who doesn’t agree with Secu-liber Jamat is a Hindutva troll, and as our “Dear Leader” Rahulji said, the most dangerous specie on the face of Earth, worse than even Jihadis!

Rule#23: Who is Ramdev to dare start a Bharat Swabhiman Yatra? BTW, Bharat, Swabhiman and Yatra all in one sentence prove he definitely is a Sanghi in Saffron robes!

Rule#24: Despite Communism being long dead, Indian Left is always secular, liberal and right even if facts prove otherwise!

Rule#25: We know everything and our opponents know nothing!