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Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche And Liberalism
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There has always been a case on how to encounter genuine hypocrisy right from the start of ideological dissection of politics which can be traced back to 1900’s. The highly touted egalitarian activisms and the bigoted collectivisms are the insignias of this century.

The intellectual fraud is an ablution of a particular sect, whose ideological inclination has been derived from their anti-Bourgeoisie views and has been extended into various other fields of community. The legacy of intellectual fraud is successfully carried forward by the liberals, one should not take the de facto meaning of the words ‘Liberals’, ‘Liberalism’, ‘Libertarian’ etc.. as they are used in this article with respect to their ugly repercussions which they have made in the course of our history.

It’s quite obvious that the world needed something more prudent and ingenuous ideologies to hinder the spreading immorality of these vicious thoughts.

Cold War is always an important chapter in any history text book, because it has tilted and questioned the existing ideological morals. Some feared, some celebrated and some contemplated when an ideology was on the verge of extinction but very few knew that there was a backup created to accommodate the evil which was about to become extinct in a different form.
This parasite has embedded itself into many other forms of ideology and very often successfully masks itself to achieve its goals. It’s quite an intriguing question for most laymen of political science on “why does a certain clique of people need a mask to propagate their ideologies?” To give an adequate answer to the previous question, allow me to quote this insightful dialogue from Sidney Sheldon’s book ‘The Other Side of Midnight

“Whores did not change the course of history: courtesans did”

If you do not agree with the above dialogue then the presence of your eyes and brain is not needed for the rest of the post (or) if you failed to comprehend the above dialogue, then I warn you that I provide no direct answers, nor I throw any tricky questions. I will just take you through the views, ideas, situations and perceptions of people who I admire and who have been my virtual philosophical guides.

Ayn Rand and Liberalism.

Liberalism is epistemological corruption ~ Ayn Rand

The above quote may come as a shock for many but I see as the best quote on Liberalism in the modern era. She was in her early 20’s when she may have read this stupefying quote ‘GOD is dead’ which would later become a footnote in her philosophy.Once Upon a time in America and in many other countries, liberals were proud to proclaim themselves as the readers of Ayn Rand works but later they had to twist their tongues to suit themselves.
The idea of ideology takes confusing turns in the cerebrum of the young. Example:- There was a friend who is a liberal sophomore and takes a lot of pride in calling himself as liberal and was fine with the philosophy of Ayn Rand with some reservations, he was countered with views on Israel –Palestine, eventually when he found Ayn Rand’s unconditional support to Israel, he stopped saying that he liked Ayn Rand or her philosophy. It’s funny how some instances change people.

“The majority of those who are loosely identified by the term “liberals” are afraid to let themselves discover that what they advocate is statism. They do not want to accept the full meaning of their goal; they want to keep all the advantages and effects of capitalism, while destroying the cause, and they want to establish statism without its necessary effects. They do not want to know or to admit that they are the champions of dictatorship and slavery.”

Ayn Rand, Nietzsche and Feminism. Feminism is the most disgusting philosophy, it does every naughty thing with the shield of sympathy, later it has found its refugee in Marxism and I need not tell what Marxism has done to this planet. Ayn Rand doesn’t have any pity for the so called neglected gender, she was very skeptical about a woman sitting in the white house and she equated the feminist organizations with gangs and hippies, she accused the elite intellectuals for fostering such retrograding groups. It’s no surprise that the feminists despise Ayn Rand.

A left-liberal-feminist-activist (…yes, she is all what I mentioned) once had a bit of an altercation over Dominique Francon, her argument was that ‘Dominique Francon’ was raped by Howard Roark and that’s the root for her hatred against the works of Ayn Rand. Sometimes, I feel that Taslima Nasreen is far better than these dumbs.The people who write about feminism, female liberty, and freedom of women in India etc… are on the rise. The outbursts of these feminist authors with their irrational generalization by singling out india in particular only makes me smile at the foolishness and very soon Indians will be reading ‘Being an eunuch in India’.Friedrich Nietzsche is a first class misogynist, his opinions on women are mischievous and alacrity of his views is the most difficult of them to understand.

The perfect woman indulges in literature just as she indulges in a small sin, as an experiment, in passing, looking around to see if anybody notices it and to make sure that somebody does.

“Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.”

Ayn Rand and NietzscheThe enormous influence of Nietzsche on Ayn Rand is very much evident in her works. Ayn Rand’s writing style is drawn from that of Nietzsche (if you trust the geman-english translation of nietzsche’s works) and her thoughts on the ideal man can be compared with that of Nietzsche’s if not with the ‘Superman’.

Howard Roark and John Galt may not be the supermans of nietzsche but they run parallel with Nietzsche’s thoughts on man as a heroic being. They both despised Plato and admired Aristotle.If you are a liberal and an atheist, there are high chances that you like Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche. Ayn Rand was an atheist but never insisted on debating it but Nietzsche was a darling of Atheism. Rationalism is the crossroads where Ayn Rand and Nietzsche take different paths.Nietzsche is the ferocious critique of Socrates and ‘reason in philosophy’. In the introduction of the 25th anniversary edition of ‘The Fountainhead’, the following quotation from ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ had originally stood at the head of the book when it was still in manuscript.

“It is not the works, but the belief which is here decisive and determines the order of rank to – employ once more an old religious formula with a new and deeper meaning – it is some fundamental certainty which a noble soul has about itself, something which is not to be sought, is not to be found, and perhaps, also, is not to be lost. The noble soul has reverence for itself. “

She even criticized Nietzsche as an irrtionalist and said that Nietzsche’s magnificent feeling for man’s greatness, expressed in emotional, not intellectual terms. This is where I depart from Ayn Rand, her adamant rationalism has made her look everything in terms of reality and failed to detect the beauty of poetic expression which I extend it to many other fields.

Indian Middle Class:

Are the indian middle class liberal? Left liberal? Right liberal? Are they objectivists? Secular Right? Secular Left?

Most of the readers and admirers of Ayn Rand are from India and the substantial books of Ayn Rand find a good market share in India. There is a substantive chunk of people who are hardcore followers of Ayn Rand and innocently call themselves as Liberals. Many of these liberals are unaware of Ayn Rand’s views on Liberals.

“The most timid, frightened, conservative defenders of the status quo are today’s liberals. What they dread to discover is the fact that the intellectual status quo they inherited is bankrupt, that they have no ideological base to stand on and no capacity to construct one. Brought up on the philosophy of Pragmatism, they have been taught that principles are unprovable, impractical or non-existent—which has destroyed their ability to integrate ideas, to deal with abstractions, and to see beyond the range of the immediate moment. Abstractions, they claim, are “simplistic” (another anti-concept); myopia is sophisticated. “Don’t polarize!” and “Don’t rock the boat!” are expressions of the same kind of panic.“

“The goal of the “liberals”—as it emerges from the record of the past decades—was to smuggle this country into welfare statism by means of single, concrete, specific measures, enlarging the power of the government a step at a time, never permitting these steps to be summed up into principles, never permitting their direction to be identified or the basic issue to be named. Thus statism was to come, not by vote or by violence, but by slow rot—by a long process of evasion and epistemological corruption, leading to a fait accompli.”

Ayn Rand acknowledged the triumph of the middle class. If any elite group, left intellectual, liberal evangelist is attacking you and ayn rand then it is quite possible that he/she hates the middle class and the guts of the middle class.

“The middle class is the heart, the lifeblood, the energy source of a free, industrial economy, i.e., of capitalism; it did not and cannot exist under any other system; it is the product of upward mobility, incompatible with frozen social castes. Do not ask, therefore, for whom the bell of inflation is tolling; it tolls for you. It is not at the destruction of a handful of the rich that inflation is, but at the middle class.”

Very often I see students from these elite colleges of india trying to push their ideology which has been programmed in them after a successful brainwash. The elite alumni of these universities are seen everywhere – TV studios, newspaper columns, authoring history books etc… they are at their stinking best when they puke their indigestible intellectualism.

“The upper classes are merely a nation’s past; the middle class is its future.”

Liberal Arts:

Indians have the tendency to embrace mediocrity. Valentine’s Day and other phony days are the best examples, recently Halloween day is also celebrated and when it comes to art we have our own mediocrity and hypocrisy. The liberal mafia who were supporting M.F.Hussain and his paintings are a perfect example.

“On a related note, there’s a deeper reason why Hindus are outraged by M.F Hussain’s pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Hindu art, according to Ananda Coomaraswamy, moves from the impersonal to the personal. For example, if I draw a painting of a mike and say this picture is an artistic representation of the triumph of technology to improve the quality of our lives, it draws absolutely no outrage.

On the other hand, if I caption the same picture with something like, this is the penis of my friend Robert’s father, and shows the virile nature of the force behind all creation, what’s your guess how Robert will respond? Given the deeply personal nature of our mythology, Saraswathi and Sita are as much–if not more–our family members as our parents and siblings are: in other words, they are not merely paintings of just any nude female form. It is this that upsets Hindus not mention the way Hussain perverts these mythological tales to create his trashy “art.” And this is also why Hindus aren’t upset with Khajuraho sculptures or for that matter any random nude pictures.”

Criticism of Liberals and Lefties:

The old criticism of lefties on ayn rand and her works is that the characters ‘Howard Roark’ and ‘John Galt’ do not exist in real life and the same argument is now a tool for liberals. Let me say that great men are not born from stars, they do not come from earth and they are not manufactured by masses. Great men with vision are self-made. Steve Jobs is one of the great visionaries, left liberals will not agree but he is a howard roark and he is a john galt.

Lets end this long post with a quote.

“Liberalism turns men into cattle.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

-I am not an objectivst, but a very great admirer of Ayn Rand.
-I revere Friedrich Nietzsche, but do not agree on everything he says like Oliver Tate.
-I am atheist turned agnostic.