Mumbai Attacks
Frankly, Mr Dhume, I don’t give a damn.
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(This post contains profane language)

Now, compared to your typically ethically challenged journalist/public intellectual, I have a rather favourable opinion of  Sadanand Dhume, which is why I am sort of nonplussed with where exactly he is going when on eve of 26/11 he reminds  us that many in Pakistan (presumably liberals) were appalled by the attacks.

Excuse me for breaking the rules of decorum, but why am I supposed to give a flying f**k about how appalled the bed-wetting class in LOP is about all  this “unpleasant situation”.

For the simple fact is you can take all the dread, consternation, horror, revulsion, indignation and whatever else Pakistani liberals feel about 26/11 and still fall ten rupees short of ten rupees vada pav.

To paraphrase Jennifer Lopez, for liberals, whether of LOP or of India, feelings don’t cost a thing. For them all the hand wringing and tch-tching is about signalling kindness in their heart and virtue in their soul to the world in general and their peer in particular.

Pakistani liberals don’t care about 26/11 or about terrorism against India.

You don’t believe me, do you! Then please tell me, where are morchas by Pakistani liberals demanding an end to state sponsorship of terrorism against India, or demanding punishment against masterminds of the terror attacks. Forget morchas, where are the articles in their liberal respectable publications, newspapers or magazines, offline or online denouncing terrorism against India, unequivocally asking for an end in involvement by Pakistani state.

I will tell you, you wont find any such examples, because there aren’t any! And that is not because Pakistani liberals are scared. Not so !  To accuse them of cowardice is to do disservice to them. Pakistani liberals have been vocal critics of Mullahs and Military (ofcourse it helps that they possess no threat to either of them).

The only reasons that I can surmise behind their reluctance is either they don’t care, or they consider terrorism a justified response to Indian “occupation” of Kashmir, or an appeasement of Jihadi monster.

Either way, by their silent acquiescence, they have encouraged religious war against Kaffirs by a psychopathic Pakistani state.

If you want to remember 26/11 please remember for what it was just one instance in ongoing jihad against Hindus by a Pakistan which still resents the fact that for all their professions of Islamic piety and purity they are in essence rape child of Islamicized central asian hordes, and that even after thousand years of persecution Hindus refuse to submit to the true faith.

And also remember the true lesson of 26/11