kaliya mardan
The Truth Of Indian Politics
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Words have meaning, therefore they should be used only when we intend the meaning and not something different. This is basic rule of debate.

Similarly care should be taken in misusing the word. The word should be misused in order to undermine the opponent’s position, by interpreting in a way bound to draw public disapproval.

Public approval or disapproval is of course dependant on the way public narrative is framed. Therefore those who guard the gates to public conscience by implication also decide the meaning of words. This is basic rule of politics.

This is where BJP failed. Instead of confronting the existing liberal monopoly on public discourse, it sought co-existence and sued for peace, in exchange of being conferred political legitimacy and approval by liberal priesthood. Ideological expediency for political power.

This was bound to fail because the idea which BJP represents or rather seeks to represent could not be any more different than from the idea espoused by the liberal establishment. But in its fetish for replacing Congress as the centre, it ceded more ideological ground than was required by coalition dharma. It was this act which caused it irreparable loss of credibility.

Congress is just a part, most visible, but still a part of the establishment. Liberal intelligentsia comprising of media, academia and peddlers of liberal art complete the picture. One can not fight with one tentacle of Medusa while negotiating with another.

Or to give an Indian analogy, it is ironic that BJP forgot what Bhagwan Krshna did to Kaliya.