Shekhar Sengar
Terror Which No One Reports
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On 28th of January, in an audacious attack which could be considered as a gross reminder to the complacent Indian government regarding religious and ethnic complexities of North-East, suspected terrorists( yes, not insurgents) of National Socialist Council of Nagaland –Ishak Muivah NSCN – (IM) killed 5 people in the Chandel district of Manipur. The causalities included a CRPF soldier, three home guards and a woman voter. In another such horrendous eventuality, NSCN (IM) terrorists had killed two CRPF jawans and a woman in Ukhrul district. These killings during election process would have made a buzz, had it been — let’s say for the sake of making conspicuous our indifference towards North-East only — Bihar, or Gujarat. But election violence triggered by an outfit that is getting (God knows why) undue hospitality from the government at Delhi didn’t make even a simple putter.

Before discussing the grievances of Manipur and Nagaland let’s see what this NSCN (IM) is all about. The insurgency in Nagaland and Manipur is much because of this Christian terrorist organization which was floated by Isak Chisi Swu, Thuingaleng Muivah and S.S. Khaplang in 1980 to unite Nagas and to fight against India for creating a sovereign and Socialist Christian country – Greater Nagaland or Nagalim, after the famous Shimla Accord. .The outfit aims to establish a ‘Greater Nagaland’ – ‘Nagalim’ or the People’s Republic of Nagaland – based on Mao Tse Tung’s ideology. Its manifesto is based on the principle of Socialism for economic development and a spiritual outlook – ‘Nagaland only for Christ”. And as we all know Nagaland, which has more than 90 percent Christians, is also regarded as the only baptized state of world.

NSCN (IM) is a dreaded outfit that, among other acts of terrorism, had engineered the cleansing of Kukis tribes of Manipur in 1992-1993. An unofficial estimate states that about 900 Kukis were succumbed to death by them in that gruesome, grim and macabre genocide. So if you thought that genocide of Kashmiri Hindus was the only such instance, you were wrong. Kukis who largely follow local Manipuri traditions which are quite different from Nagas, too got the similar treatment both from terrorists and government. The only difference being that while in Kashmir, Islamic Jehadis supported by Pakistan were the perpetrators, it were the “Socialist and Christian” NSCN who claim to have the support of Nagas ,tried to emulate Kashmir in creating a all Naga Nagalim. Needless to say, they were supported by communist China.

Now let’s come to the real issue. Centre at present is in talks with this terrorist organization named NSCN (IM) through an appointed interlocutor. There is simple rule regarding such dialogues where government engages in talks with a terrorist organization. People call that ceasefire. So where is that? NSCN (IM) has been a continuous perpetrator of brazen violence directed against security forces and non-Nagas. Then why this government is so particular about talking to them? Not only this, they are calling bandhs, running parallel governments and are decreeing just like any other government institution. Events of poll related violence were reported from the bastions of NSCN (IM) where they are continuously consolidating their position, reaping the benefits of an ill conceived ceasefire. Can’t the government see where NSCN is engaging their strength during these rounds of talks?

There are external connections also. Communist China has been a steady patron of all so called socialist terrorist organizations of North-East. Beijing has been secretly supporting, advising and arming major insurgent outfits in India’s northeast. Forget about the moral or support through arms or ammunition, there are proofs that Chinese army had been training NSCN (IM) cadre for the obvious reasons. Worst part is yet to come: Chinese recognize NSCN (IM) and host one permanent representative from 2008 which is simply a violation of our authority and sovereignty. If the confessions of a leading leader of NSCN (IM) named Anthony Simraw are believed apart from this mischief the outfit is also asked by Chinese authorities to spy on the movement of Indian troops in North-East. As if China was not enough, reports suggest that even Inter Services Intelligence [ISI] of Pakistan is in talks with them and that they both of these notorious organizations share a warm relationship.

So, is my point clear? Mr Chidambaram is appointing an interlocutor for talks with a dreaded communal and communist terrorist organization and that organization is continuously engaging in acts which are detrimental to sovereignty of our land. Economic blockages which simply cripple civic life, bomb blasts, kidnappings, extortion etc do not make front-page news in our main stream media. Our people need us and we are simply having a talk with someone whose credibility can’t be ensured by any means. This is a war; not an appeasement. In wars there are no ceasefires, there are simply victories and loses. This apathy should end now.