Announcement : The Conspiracy Continues To Grow
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Dear Readers ,

The Centre Right India (CRI) editorial team is extremely pleased to welcome Karthikeya Tanna, Venkatesh, Muthuraman, Sandy Bansal and Krishnarjun into the CRI platform as resident commentators.  With this we take one more small step towards our goal of being a channel for – informed political discourse, commentary and analysis of current social and economic issues.

Karthikeya Tanna is a practitioner of Law. He has written analytical pieces on various issues on CRI. He would continue to do commentary on legal issues and current affairs.

Venkatesh is a perceptive observer of the Indian political scene, he would bring in many unique view points in his commentary on politics and International relations.

Muthuraman brings in a wealth of experience from the world of finance. We look forward to his posts on the issues related to economic policy and finance.

Sandy Bansal has written many insightful pieces for CRI on various topics. He would continue to write on political and economic issues.

Krishnarjun has written posts on CRI on issues related to the Indian political process and the Indian society. He would continue to post on these issues with a very distinct civilisatonal perspective.

Please join us in welcoming these fine gentlemen amongst our midst and wish them well.