Moment Of Gloating
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Well, a very warm evening to all the enlightened readers of CRI. Now I have been keeping horribly busy for quite some time, but work must make way for important things, which is gloating on the interwebs.

So without further ado, first item,
By now most of you must be aware that Indian economy resembles Titanic (in its “Hello there Mr Iceberg, how do you do” phase and not “Kate Winslet fooling around with a younger looking De Caprio” phase).

If you are aware of that, you must also be aware of the dire predictions of experts that future of Indian economy has eerily similarity with what happened to Titanic after its rendezvous with Mr Iceberg.

Curiously though, most of the same experts were more or less exuberant in not so distant past. Even after there were signs of distress, these same wizard of dismal science were more interested in embellishment and obfuscation to actually ring the bells.

You know who predicted (or rather guessed) it, this guy, six years back.

All right I know most of you might have guessed, but I think a man is entitled to a moment of happiness before he meets the cold water of reality, and all he has a curiously unbalance Victorian wardrobe to hang on to

Moving on, while writing on Baba Ramdev, I wrote this,

“So what will happen, when Baba Ramdev does win elections? Well as Edmund Burke said a wise man learns from the past, and as it turns out we have seen this movie before.”

As it turns out I was more right than I could have guessed,

“If black money is recovered then this money will benefit all poor people. Whatever Baba Ramdev has suggested is good”, said Mr Pawar

I guess all that now remains is for ghost of Haji Mastan to appear from his grave and join Team Anna. (Ref here)

Over and out.