Blow to Modi: Supporters accused of sneezing in public
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Published: 10 June, 2012

Source: Agencies

The recent act of sneezing in public by five supporters of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has attracted sharp criticism from various quarters. Secular journalist Darkha Bhatt says “This is a sad reflection of the society we live in. Unnamed sources in the Congress party confirm that the five accused sneezed in a particular direction to ensure that the wind carries sneeze droplets into the nearest Muslim neighborhood. Retired Subtractive-Secretary of the Govt of India, Mr. Multifamily Roman, in his blog cites this growing tendency amongst supporters of Narendra Modi to sneeze in public. He goes on to ask, will Gen-Next of India vote for a leader, 5 of whose supporters sneeze in public, who he goes on call Nazi SneezeTroopers? Mr. Roman claims sneezing in public by supporters of Narendra Modi violates the Election Commision’s model code of conduct. He wants Narendra Modi to apologize for this felony committed by his supporters failing which he should be banned from conducting any political activity in the country.

He is not alone, many former bureaucrats feel the same. One unnamed senior retired official I spoke to claimed that he was a supporter of Narendra Modi but is now repulsed by the behavior of the sneeze troopers. “What use is power surplus & GDP growth if his supporters sneeze in public?” He said before walking off in anger. The media world was abuzz with commentary on this important debate especially since the government has miraculously eliminated poverty by setting the minimum wage limit of every Indian equal to the salary of Industrialist, Mr. Dupesh Bhambani.

Eminent chat show host and art connoisseur Loudspeaka Bosechimed in too. She says: Mr. Modi, being an Indian man manifests the ugliest of physical attributes possible. It is therefore no surprise that his supporters would want to emulate his ugly habbits. Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhy, Chairperson of NACsalite, a committee which believes in loosening the belt to cure obesity, labeled Mr. Modi Sneeze ka Saudagar evoking strong response from his party spokesperson. She has received support from a former Cop, Mr. Mobile Butt. The former cop claims he was in the adjacent loo when Mr. Modi urged the Commissioner of Police to go slow on the sneezers and let them vent their vapor.

With the Gujarat elections round the corner, such accusations are not expected to die very soon.