Try the middle stump guard
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While facing a lefty who’s throwing in-swingers, it’s best not to take the offstump guard, it’s just a matter of time before you would be trapped leg before.

No, I am not trying to give batting lessons, just responding to a chota mooh bada paragraph (reproduced below)

some day when the history of all this is written someone will have to come up with a convincing answer for how a 70 year old attention seeker with lots of free time and unfettered access to the Internet managed to mind control an entire generation into arguing over silly nothings with subliminal messages no longer than 140 characters at a time.”

The “70-year old attention seeker” is a reference to Dr. Subramanian Swamy. That blogger wonders, how could a man , who most recently:

  1. Successfully won the 2G case almost by himself and in the process sent major luminaries of the UPA to jail.

  2. Successfully stalled the gold plating initiave which would have permanently altered the famous Tirumala Devasthanam.

  3. Successfully stalled UPA’s Ram Sethusamudram misadventure.

  4. Successfully stalled the advent of Islamic Banking in India, and

  5. Argued for the Himachal Pradesh government in the case against forced conversions by Christian missionaries.

And manage to mind control an entire generation (who are growing up in the UPA-yuga). Anyone who has set foot in an Indian court would appreciate the real magnitude of the aforementioned achievements of Dr. Swamy and won’t see the need to ask the question that has been baffling the blogger. Even supporters of the zero loss theory, the lowest in the IQ chain, would agree that Dr. Swamy’s accomplishments in the 2G case alone is reason enough to attract a large share of admirers from all sides of the political spectrum. The other cases will obviously appeal to the Hindu youth.

I am guessing the ball probably slipped past the bloggers leg.  There is an explanation, the offstump stance makes you think that balls on the middle & leg are going down the leg side. They aren’t. It’s just the angle which makes you think so. If you adjust your stance to middle, or middle & leg, you should be able to see the ball better and choose the correct shot.

Moving away from analogies, off late, I have been sensing that a certain group which staunchly supports only A particular politician (who I also support) might be entertaining some naughty ideas. This group wants to deflect all the negative labels like “trolls”, “bigots”, “communal” and all the other lefty labels onto what that blogger calls viratists. In simple words, the old “good right and bad right” game.  I wonder if the group has started to believe that labeling Swamy and his supporters as communal will help BJP get the support of the secularists. I however seriously suspect that any such courtesy is going to be extended by the secularists. Swamy or no Swamy, BJP ain’t cool enough for the lefties. Don’t try to play to the lefty’s strength, just play your natural shots with a straight bat, that’s your best chance.

By the way, I don’t know much about the blogger who wrote the quoted paragraph but from my brief interaction so far, it appears that the gentleman tweets a lot and he too has unfettered access to the internet. I am not sure how many minds he has managed to control so far.