You sanctimonious turkey!*
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Note: Usually I refrain from posting as this will drag down the quality of CRI especially since the infamous Julio-Claudian supporter joined it   but this time …. well I cant control you are  forewarned!

Yes Sherna Gandhy, there is nothing demeaning about calling Uma Bharati  “Sexy Sanyasin”, or publishing innuendos about Bhanvari Devi.

Neither is there anything demeaning about some horny octogenarian  doing a winsome foursome in Raj bhavan.

But heavens forfend that Narenda Modi call someone ,  who got 50 crores in suspicious circumstances while being a minister’s, you know, girlfriend, “a 50 crore girlfriend”, that ma’am is inexusable.

After all as herstory tells us reality is just a conspiracy by patriarchy to bind womyn.

PS You forgot to add “chaiwallah”

* Reference here