Sandeep Balakrishna
The Rightful Inheritor of the Ignoble Raj…
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Is the Congress party if you still had any doubts.

As much as I’m outraged and saddened by the gangrape-a-day Raj presided over by the Congress party, I think such horrid occurrences are just a manifestation of a deeper malaise. The malaise, nay, the curse of being ruled by an ugly crew headed by a Dynasty under whose rule India has increasingly begun to resemble the British colonial rule. The parallels are striking.

The Congress party, in its second innings has institutionalized the Right to Loot, which in itself, is not a difficult task given how our British-given laws are designed to exploit people rather than govern them. Equally, UPA 2.0 has taken the Right to Muzzle Dissent to a new, brutal level. What we are passing through is a bizarre nightmare where Good and Evil have been turned over the head: where those in the Government rob phenomenal amounts of money, where economics has come to resemble a new, sick kind of social engineering, where terrorists who should be summarily shot get cushy prison treatment and where protests against evils like corruption and rape are viewed as acts inviting state-sponsored violence against innocent citizens.

Indeed, state-sponsored police brutality has touched a new record under UPA 2.0. It appears as if the only response of this Government to any problem is to unleash lathis and batons and teargas and water cannons and rifles. My Twitter timeline yesterday made for stomach-churning reading—continuous, relentless accounts of how men, women, children, and the aged suffered shocking and savage violence at the hands of the police.

But the worst of all happens to be the so-called thinking class, the intelligentsia and the media, which has been completely coopted in this nation-wrecking project. The perversion inflicted by this class is extraordinary. Its toxic discourse has taken such deep and firm roots that today, NOTHING is free from politicization. The most recent example of this is NDTV, which dubbed the thousands of youth protesting against the gangrape of the hapless young Delhi woman as “lumpen elements.”

If this state of affairs doesn’t resemble a nation under colonial rule, I wonder what else does. Oh well, perhaps the only obstacle in the way of the Congress party that prevents it from resembling the British Raj in its entirety is the absence of aJallianwala Bagh style operation.

If it can be an excuse, the British justified their plunder and cruelty under the garb of racial superiority, White Man’s Burden, and the rest. Besides, they were aliens, foreigners who had no interest in the well-being of India or her people. What excuse do our own people have to become brown copycats, imitating their erstwhile White Masters so well in exploiting their fellow Indians?

Is it merely coincidental that each time the Congress finds itself securely in power it embarks on a spree of destruction—of institutions, of values, of society, and of freedom itself? Is it merely coincidental that shortages invariably occur under a Congress dispensation? Is it merely coincidental that unemployment rates shoot up under Congress rule? Is it merely coincidental that social unrest of every sort escalates whenever the Congress comes to power?

Given this kind of the all-pervasive evil forces that the Congress party unleashes, is it any surprise that we are witnessing what we’re witnessing today?

This is not to argue that you can completely do away with crime. The point is that there needs to be a very strong deterrent. The point is that various branches of the Government need to do their respective jobs effectively. But the actual point is that there has been a complete breakdown of law and order, a breakdown to which the UPA itself has contributed generously.

Civilization is a very thin veneer right under which all manner of evil lies, just waiting to break out and wreak havoc. Whatthwarts this from occurring are the twin forces of deterrence and a strong set of social and cultural values. Starting with Jawaharlal Nehru, and hastened by Indira Gandhi, the latter was near-completely uprooted. And starting with Indira Gandhi, the former was thoroughly perverted.

And you still wonder why rapes occur?