Indian Political Discourse And Art Of Car Maintenance
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This short post is extension of the metaphor from old post.

Consider a scenario, what if  we Indians drove our cars the way we drive our democracy.

Well initially things appear fine, car appears to be in a perfect condition, so we start to wherever we want to go. It’s a joy ride and soon we are driving fast and furiously without any care in the world, including maintenance.

Soon the car breaks down, which should be obvious, but for some mysterious reason, is a source of great mystery.

Finally we get over our wonderment at the incredible phenomenon of car breaking down and set out to fix it.

In order, we

1. Act outraged

2. Proclaim collective shame

3. Take out morchas

4. Light candles

5. Indulge in excessive intellectual onanism and verbal vomiting

6. Put more petrol.

8. Put diesel instead of petrol.

9 Replace car engine with steam engine.

10. Try to run car on jet ski.

11. Try to run car on the rails

12. Finally start pushing car ourselves

13. Preen before world, “Atleast we have a car, unlike our neighbors”.

14. Rinse, Repeat.