No Apologies For Mr Modi
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A short post this.

On twitter podfather, raises the question which has been raised by many secularists and human beings, why doesn’t Narendra Modi express regret for post Godhra riots. I don’t claim any particular insight on Modi’s mind but here are what I believe may be the reason(s)

1. He already did express regret, and considers repeated questioning on the same as fundamentally mala fide, a view I happen to agree with. (Note: it literally took all of one minute for me to find the link via google)

2. There is a belief among some well intentioned (among them podfather one suspects) that the expression of regret will provide closure to the wounds. I for one doubt this. It is in our sec-lib establishments interest to keep the wound fresh. I am pretty sure any such expression will be used as a proof of Modi’s culpability or incompetence. Am I paranoid? May be, but before drawing this conclusion, please do keep in mind, that is the same establishment which is unable to count the days between 28 February and 1 March.

3. I have come to believe that Modi is stubborn, and particularly in those situations where he perceives he is being arm-twisted  If he is going to express regret (again), he will do that on his own terms, not on anyone else’s