Amit Daga
Don’t blame Advani
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In summer of 2002 exactly 11 years ago Advani&Modi these two names were in circulation at the Goa meeting along with ABV. Advani has secured Modi head by courting leading vocal voice of Pramod Mahajan in favor of Modi. And Modi after that never looks back into the party or state leadership. Circle of time is very rigid & unusual sometime.

Two names are same but the situation is very different in ongoing BJP national executive meeting in Goa. As per all media reports/breaking news/sources Advani is not happy with Modi elevation as top leader or contender to the 2014 general election and prospective PM candidate. Many in political circles is terming this as his dream or aspiration to become PM himself as I pointed here last week . But does this all is the real answers to our never ending thrust to speculate and do analysis based on what suits our ideology and leniency.

Advani is a stalwart leader and literally a Patron for a party, Bhism Pitamah & elder are few synonymous words of Advani. So what exactly makes him so rebel to his own party and denying the fact that Modi is the most popular leader in party and largely acceptable to BJP core voters? In our society elders become baggage as phases of time and young generation become too unrest to hear the advice of the elder generation, In India most of the business houses have ‘Chairman’ of a company as a founder or an eldest person in a family tree and a CEO/MD who actually run the show, even in our family discourse elders are merely a symbolic individuals whose larger roles or importance are diminishing day by day.

BJP is facing the same problem at the current juncture, it could have avoided this if in a phased manner the leadership shifted from older to younger generation after its debacle in the 2004 election, but it never took a chance of a possible bean spill among second lines of leader, in that due course it keeps the issue hanging and try to cook the recipe under its tree. Advani oppose to Modi is not only political but also ideological, BJP discredits to his work and contribution to the party is making Advani relentless , he can never distance himself from the party or Sangh.

But this time it is also a fight b/w Sangh dominance and BJP existence, by projecting Shivraj over Modi Advani try to pitch his dominance and diluting the role of the Sangh in BJP internal matter over who will lead the party. BJP lost a chance to distance itself from Sangh, although the party owns all & lots to Sangh for its very existence. But being a father is different to being a guide.

This class is more about the system in which we live, we like to name our older generation gave them token respect but never wants to hear them, or instead move on our own course. But Change is vital for our existence, but the question is at what cost. Advani is the tallest leader with no larger ground support; his courtier also has limited reach to people when it matters. BJP could well manage by crediting his due and importance in the party and ask him not to contest next Lok Sabha Election and indeed stand like a Bhism Pitamah to party and with his blessing Modi nominated as next PM candidate. It could also reject the rumors of any political split in the party and the party can prepare itself for better campaign and provide enough resistance to UPA govt. But our social structure is webbed in such a harsh reality it never gives the required dues to its elder and takes its own course of future. Since the BJP is undoubtedly more democratic political party it is paying the cost in our ill-rotten feudal& autocratic political dynastic system.

अडवाणी बनाम मोदी सिर्फ विचार की ही नहीं अपतु एक ऐसे संघर्ष की लड़ाई है जिसमे बुजुर्ग अपनी विरासत का हिसाब मांगता है दूसरा सत्ता
और बहुत हद तक हमने अपने
अपने परिपेक्ष में जो हम हमेशा करते आये हैं,इस
संघर्ष को व्यक्तिगत कर दिया जबकि यह सिर्फ दो युगों का द्वंद है

Don’t blame Advani it’s our basic character of society.

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