Chinmay Krovvidi
Andhra Pradesh Opinion Poll 2013
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A study of the current socio-political trends across the regions of Andhra Pradesh

Uttara Andhra(North Andhra)

Total seats-34


(Close three cornered fight between TDP,YSRCP,Congress in South and Coastal Andhra, heavy losses for Congress, marginal revival of TDP, Jagan going strong in coastal districts)

   Dakshina (South) Andhra and Costal Andhra

      Total seats-89






Seat distribution of various parties in South and Coastal districts/Vote shares of various parties in South and Coastal Districts








Rayalaseema Region

Total seats-51

    Vote share of major parties in Rayalaseema

(Its Jagan wave all the way in Rayalaseema, TDP a poor second while heavy losses for Congress. Both TDP, Congress pushed to poor second and third positions respectively)







Seat distribution of parties in Rayalaseema region








North Telangana region

Total seats-53

(Strong Telangana sentiment brewing across North Telangana. TRS gaining cross the North Telangana with losses for TDP. Congress wipeout in the region)

    Vote share of parties in North Telangana







Seat share of parties in North Telangana









South Telangana Region

Total seats-36

(Compared to North Telangana separate state sentiment not so strong. Tough fight between TDP, TRS. Surprising revival of TDP in the region)

Vote share of parties in South Telangana








Seat share of parties in South Telangana






Greater Hyderabad region

Total seats-29


    Vote share of parties in Greater Hyderabad






Seat share of parties in Greater Hyderabad







Seat projections for Parliamentary elections

Projected seat share of parties for Lok sabha








(TRS likely to sweep all MP seats in North Telangana but in southern parts TDP will benefit due to division of votes by BJP)

(YSRCP set to sweep rayalaseema, TDP gaining in North Andhra, Greater Hyderabad and South Telangana, Three cornered fight in South and coastal parts)


Projected vote share of parties for Parliamentary elections







(TDP+ includes the tally of CPI and CPM which are as of now in alliance with TDP)

What do you think is the most serious problem today?

Who is your choice/preference for the post of Chief Minister?

KCR is the preferred choice for Chief Minister-ship of Telangana followed by ChandraBabu Naidu and Jagan Mohan Reddy (KCR is the most popular politician in North Telangana but Chandra Babu Naidu is more popular in South Telangana and greater Hyderabad region)

Popularity stakes for the Chief Minister post






(Popularity of Chandrababu Naidu broadly correspondents to that of TDP but individual preference for Jagan Mohan reddy greater than that for his fledging party. The ratings for KCR are for separate state as such and don’t correspond to whole state. Kiran Kumar Reddy most popular Congress politician but his ratings significantly lower than that of Congress)

Performance of the state government on various parameters

Are you satisfied with performance of state government?

How do you rate the performance of state government?

Are you satisfied with the performance of the Chief Minister?

    Which party is most corrupt?

What are your reasons for dissatisfaction with state government?

    Are you beneficiary of the following schemes?

How is the implementation of the following welfare schemes of the state government?

Are the Government pro farmer and its policies farmer friendly?

Which party can provide pro people and welfare government?

Which party do you think can provide better governance?

Are you satisfied with the performance of your local MLA?

Are you satisfied with the performance of your constituency MP?

Do you think padayatra of Chandra Babu Naidu has been useful to revive TDP?

Do you think Sharmila’s padayatra will help YSRCP politically?

Electoral preferences of various social groups






Political preferences of various caste/community groups


Do you agree that main opposition TDP has colluded with Congress to fix Jagan as alleged by YRSCP?

Reasons given by voters for the support they extended to various parties


How has the performance of main opposition TDP been?

What are the factors on which you vote for a political party?

Which alliance do you prefer?

Who do you prefer as Chief Minister candidate from Congress party?

(2009 vote share includes that of both Congress and now defunct PRP)

Who should be credited with legacy of the social welfare schemes?

Who do you prefer as the next Prime Minister of India?

Are you satisfied with the performance of the UPA government?



Should UPA be given another chance at Center?

How do you rate the performance of the Central government?


Have you heard of the following PM candidates?

Which alliance your preferred state party should join at Center?



Which alliance will you prefer at Center in national elections?



*Field work was carried out between April 28th to May 9th 2013 across 34 Assembly constituencies of the state in 21 urban and 53 semi rural and rural areas randomly picked from the list of the polling booths

*Sample size of the survey was 2960 with the respondents randomly picked according to the voter lists representing cross section of the population

*The sample reflects cross sectional representation of the various social/caste groups in the state

*The representation of the social, gender, caste groups is according to the 2001 census data

*All figures round of to 100%.If the survey numbers fail to add up to 100% it’s because the respondents had no idea on the given issue or gave opinions/choices both mentioned in the survey questionnaires

*The randomly picked respondents were asked to give opinion on carefully picked issues listed in two questionnaires