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Old friends, new roles – Team CRI Update
This article originally appeared in centreright.in. CRI content has now been subsumed in swarajyamag.com. The views expressed here are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of swarajyamag.com

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The internet and social media have changed the way media outlets work. The ability to connect so many like-minded people on a single platform to debate and discuss ideas has never been easier. It has made media a participative venture. Some believe this is a new phenomenon. Some say this is just a return to the ways of olden days when the pioneers of science, literature and other fields ran their own little journals to serve a small circle of interested minds and friends. And then came the industrial age and with that came mass media where participation was restricted to coughing up your subscription in return for bulks of paper.

At CRI we are careful not to forget how it all began. We could not have built an online thoughts and opinion portal for the thinking political enthusiast without the key ingredient of participation. It is what keeps the dialogue going. Admittedly, it’s a bit harder to keep the dialogue going when our little venture clocks more than 25,000 unique visitors a month. To make sure Team CRI continues to produce thoughts that plant little dopamine blasts in your brains and to make sure we are listening to you as always the Editors have persuaded some of the most brilliant minds in the centre-right ecosystem to join the editorial team.

Aravindan Neelakantan, Harsh Gupta and Sandeep Balakrishna join us as Contributing Editors. The three of them have been our close friends and critics. Aravindan’s scholarly interventions, Harsh’s insights on economics and Sandeep’s deep knowledge of our cultural heritage make for a brilliant combination to bring to our readers.

Sunanda Vashisht comes on board as our Community Editor. Her prolific current affairs commentary and Twitter presence have given her a huge fan following. She has been a friend and not so much of a critic as the others are but with the new role we look forward to being scolded a little bit more than usual.

Dosabandit is leaving the editorial team. It is widely rumored that his resignation may have been triggered by a certain CRI editor’s aversion towards idly-dosa cuisine. We thank Dosabandit for his time and contribution to CRI. We also thank him for not leaking his resignation letter to the media thereby saving us the embarrassment of having to go to someone in Nagpur to smoothen ruffled feathers.

It is an honor and privilege to host these individuals of much learning and insight on CRI. We hope they will bear in mind all the nice things we have said about them here when plotting a coup during the upcoming national executive in Goa.