Aamod Hegde
6 reasons why the BJP needs Yeddyurappa
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All the political parties have gone into election mode and the Indian political landscape will see further changes in the coming days. The Congress is keen on passing the food security bill and also working towards revamping the All India Congress Committee (AICC) & some state Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) bodies.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has chosen Narendra Modi as the Chairman of its National Campaign Committee. Amit Shah, Modi’s confidant has been made in charge of the politically crucial state Uttar Pradesh. Janata Dal United (JD (U)), after having come out of a long alliance with the BJP, is looking to cash in on the Muslim votes.

Congress might look weak after a spate of corruption and other scandals, but it is still a force to reckon with largely due to its presence in most states. In contrast the BJP is more concentrated in certain regions and should work on its strengths in those regions to reap maximum benefit. Karnataka is the only southern state where the BJP is strong.

If Modi and team are hoping to win 200+ seats in 2014, they cannot realistically hope to achieve it without winning 15+ seats from Karnataka. That is where Yeddyurappa comes into the picture and I have listed a few reasons below explaining why it is crucial for the BJP to bring him back.

  1. BJP’s current team of state leaders lack coordination among themselves. State BJP needs a strong leader who can take these warring leaders along or is capable of winning seats for the party without these leaders.
  2. The state leaders failed miserably to build the party’s grassroots organisation after Yeddyurappa quit the BJP. The loss in local body and assembly elections has completely exposed their weaknesses.
  3. For the BJP to win in Karnataka, it needs a strong leader from one of the dominant communities. Though the current leaders like Jagdish Shettar, KS Eshwarappa, DV Sadanand Gowda belong to dominant castes, they failed to bring in their caste votes for the BJP. On the contrast, BSY gave a good fight to the Congress in districts like Chamarajnagar where Lingayats are the majority community.
  4. None of these leaders at the forefront of the state BJP are charismatic and lack state wide appeal. On the other hand, BSY drew massive crowds from Bidar to Chamarajnagar during his election rallies.
  5. BSY is the master of the art of election management. He faces elections with much pomp and destroys the opposition party’s confidence. Many of the BJP candidates who contested the assembly elections have cited the lack of funds as the main reason behind their loss. Yeddyurappa has the capability to raise funds both for the elections and organisational expenses for the party.
  6. Finally, it is stupid on the BJP’s part to face elections just on Modi’s popularity. His popularity can be converted to votes on a large scale only with a strong state leader and a solid party organisation behind him.

BJP needs Yeddyurappa if it hopes to win more than 10 seats from South India.