Aamod Hegde
An agenda for Modi fans
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First and foremost, all Narendra Modi fans must understand that the battle of 2014 that lies ahead of us is not going to be an easy one simply because of Congress’ deep roots in most parts of the country. The battle of 2014 is a battle of Good vs. Evil. Whoever wins will most certainly change the face of India forever.

Narendra Modi might have extensive campaign plans ready by now. But he just cannot win without our active participation and support. We, the youth, must pledge to uproot the Congress and give Modi a shot at the top post. Every Modi fan must read the few points I have listed below and implement it in order to bring India on the right track.

  1. Reach out effectively. Talk to your friends,colleagues and whoever you meet in your everyday life about their choice for PM in 2014. Explain to them Modi’s accomplishments and ideals. Spend time talking to fence-sitters, especially the youth among them. If you convince 3 people to vote for Modi each day, you would have reached out to 100 people in a month.

  2. To reach out effectively, one needs to be aware of Modi’s views on different issues plaguing the country and his accomplishments. Spend 15 minutes every day researching about the man. His website offers a great deal of information and you can use it as the primary source. Apart from his website, you can read a number of right-wing publications online. Interact with right-wing intellectuals and bloggers on Twitter.


  3. Talk to other like-minded people in your city/town and organise reach-out programmes in your free time. A small example of this is, few students and working professionals have gotten together to start a group called ‘NaMo brigade’ in Bangalore to their bit towards the cause. The group will be formally launched next week. You can work towards starting such groups in your cities/towns to just co-ordinate the activities better.


  4. If you have some doubts or want some information just write to your state BJP IT cell or BJP National IT cell. From my experience, I can tell you they are very professional and you will most certainly get a prompt reply.


  5. Keep track of BJP’s events in your locality and co-ordinate reach-out efforts with them if possible. Those of you who don’t want to get associated with a political party need not work with them but in any case be aware of the party’s events in your locality.


  6. If you live in a city with a large migrant population, you can actively encourage them to register their names in the electoral rolls and to vote in large numbers because most of such people generally don’t travel to their natives just to cast their votes.


  7. Ask every person you meet to vote for Modi this one time even if the opposition puts up a better candidate in your constituency.


  8. Remember, this is the smallest anyone can do to make this country a better place for everyone.

Every single vote counts.