Nipun Malhotra
The Diary of a politically incorrect Indian
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 We were told we have a prime minister of utmost integrity,

Under his watch corruption looted the country of all it’s dignity.

We were told he was an expert on the economy,

Under him ‘India’s growth story’ has become illusionary.


India was an economy once emerging,

Today, recession is lurking.

The youth complaint they were not jobbed,

The UPA introduced an NREGA through which the country was robbed.


We were told we live in a country that is proudly secular,

A word when used makes anyone sound like a scholar.

We were constantly reminded about what they believed happened in two thousand two,

While 1984 was conveniently bid adieu.


The word was exploited again to suspend a young Indian Administrative Officer,

Playing around with a profession as holy as no other.

We were told we will now have food security,

While government funded mid day meals too have proved to be filled with impurity.


They have even devised a Direct Cash Transfer,

Determined to make every Indian a beggar.

They have stifled the scope to become an entrepreneur,

While through leaky schemes they become the nation’s bailor.


We are now told we have a new state,

I wonder whether the reason is better governance or electoral bait?

What we want is growth, zero corruption, good governance, jobs and a booming economy,

Unfortunately, with the current regime things look too gloomy!