Abhinav Prakash Singh
Assam: Conspiracy of Silence
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In the high pitched media noise on Muzzaffarnagar riots it has been forgotten that it’s more than one year since the terrible ethnic cleansing of tribals at the hands of Bangladeshi colonisers in Assam. Assam has been burning due to the systematic ethnic cleansing of the locals being done by the Bengali settlers, who were initially brought in by various Congress and communist governments in the north-east as their safe vote banks.

The helpless tribals have been completely abandoned by the “secular” government, both at the state and the centre. Tens of thousands still languish in relief camps and many more have completely lost hopes of regaining the lost territories.

And to top all this, “secular progressive forces” have vanished like thin air. Perhaps for good as we are spared the pains of their shrill chorus! But it’s simply amazing to see how those whose blood boils at the “illegal Jews” living in “Palestine” are completely silent when Indians are being killed with impunity in India itself!

But it’s time to break this conspiracy of silence and confront the uncomfortable truths. Here are some questions which must be answered by the Congress party, Indian government, media and left-liberal intelligentsia.

Why Congress and allies” are totally denying the problem of Bangladeshis in Assam when time and again its own governments and Prime ministers have expressed concerns (but done nothing!) on the issue? Is it because Congress really has no problems with “outsiders” running the show? Its “secular” allies like Mulayam Singh have time to call for Indian intervention in Myanmar over Rohingya problem but no time for his own fellow citizens being wiped out by Bangladeshis.

Why the clashes are being portrayed as Bodo-Muslim clashes? Is it not a clash between Indian citizens, who are poor tribals fighting for “Jal-Jungal-Zamin” against what could be termed as nothing less than colonisation? Are local Assamese Muslims fighting Bodos? Or are they too running for their lives from Bangladeshi militias?

Why clashes are called Bodo-Minority clashes? Even if we accept for a second this fraudulent hyphenation of illegal Bangladeshis and Muslims, by what logic is 30% population (of Assam) is being called minority while 5% Bodos are being portrayed as the majority?

What were the Congress CM and central ministers doing when their own party members-president of kokrajhar congress unit and Vice –President of Assam Pradesh Congress committee- send them the early warning? Did by delaying they allowed Bangladeshi henchmen to implement the pre-planned conspiracy and teach Bodos a lesson?

Why Congress (CM Tarun Gogai and no less) and left-liberals calling this a riot “rooted in economic disparities and grievances”? Disparity between whom? Poor local tribals and illegal foreign migrants? Are illegal foreign migrants are justified in the ethnic cleansing of the poor tribals in their narrative?

Who were the people behind the systematic riots orchestrated in Mumbai, Lucknow and other parts of the country in the name of the Assam and Myanmar? Didn’t it reminded us all of the Khilafat movement when more than 100,000 Hindus were killed, raped and displaced in Kerala because Turkey lost a war against British? And where was the whole left-liberal & Samajwadi brigade when rioters were rampaging through the street, breaking statues of Buddha and Mahavira and molesting policewomen?

What is the nature and agenda of the India chapter of global Communist-Islamist alliance? And why are the advocates of the “Bodoland” silent when Bodos are being wiped out? Do they imagine Bodoland without Bodos?

And where is the Human rights commission? Minority commission? SC/ST commission? UN rights commission? Amnesty international etc? Where are Bahujan Samaj wallah? Advocates of SC/ST/OBC when helpless tribals are being literally wiped out in Assam?

Why did the left-liberal discourse, which has dominated the Indian socio-political discourse, never saw North-East as a part of India? Why the Congress, which has ruled India for majority of years after 1947, failed to integrate North-East into Indian mainstream? Why it deprived its people of development, security and stability? They don’t even have place for the history of North-East in their “secular” school books while they devote one chapter each to Emperors of medieval foreign dynasties ruling in Delhi!!

Sometimes it seems impossible to find any other country like India which has such a strong and single minded suicide wish, where state protects foreigners and supports them in the ethnic cleaning of its own citizens. But silence is a much greater crime.