Mindsnack - 9 - Big Temple Entrance
Thejas Mysore
Mindsnack #8 : With Team CRI in Chola Lands
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Last August I had the chance to go on a trip with some friends from Team CRI. The group looked like this: Amar to drive the car, Jaideep to curse the natives, Manohar for sobriety, Suhas for wit-and-occasional-humor and Rangesh for a well informed guide. I went for the sheer fun!

The trip lasted four days and was titled ‘Chola Desha Darshana’ by Amar.  If you are not a Southerner I must explain the name to you. It means a darshana of regions that made for the nucleus of Chola country: Srirangam, Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. This region is renowned for its spectacular temples that are more than a millennia old.

Since this is a Mindsnack and because someone in the editorial team of CRI is working on a travelogue I’m only going to share some pictures from the trip. When you are visiting the lush paddy fields of Thanjavur, dipping your feet in the Kaveri (Amar wanted to take a dip but the team thwarted a proper dip till the end) and visiting so many temples it is hard to come up with an exhaustive photo gallery without boring the viewer.

1. A horse rider sculpted on a pillar at Srirangam

Mindsnack - 01- Horse Rider

2. Looking at centuries old wall paintings at Panchanadeeshwar Temple, Thiruvaiyar.

Mindsnack - 02 - Panchanatheeswar Temple Wall Paintings

3. A graceful murti of AnnapoorNE – the goddess of nourishment

Mindsnack - 03 - Annapurani at Darasuram

4. An adjacent hall at the Darasuram Temple

Mindsnack - 04 - The Chariot at Darasuram

5. Team seeking shade. At Darasuram.

Mindsnack - 5 - Darasuram Corridors

6. A view of Darasuram Temple from the corridors

Mindsnack - 6 - Darasuram Temple View

7. A murti of Vishnu Durga (Darasuram)

Mindsnack - 7 - Durga

8. A family poses for a photograph (Gangaikondacholapuram, Thanjavur)

Mindsnack - 8 - Big Temple Corridor

9. The grand entrance to Big Temple, Thanjavur

Mindsnack - 9 - Big Temple Entrance

10. A view of the Big Temple vimana (Thanjavur)

Mindsnack - 10 - Big Temple Vimana

11. The entrance to Gangaikondacholapuram Temple

Mindsnack - 11 - Gangaikonda Cholapuram Entrance

12. The ruins of Gangaikondacholapuram

Mindsnack - 12 - Gangaikonda Cholapuram Vimana View

13. Excavated statues at Gangaikondacholapuram

Mindsnack - 13 - Gangaikonda Cholapuram Excavation Finds

14. The Coronation of Rajendra Chola (At the Gangaikondacholapuram)

Mindsnack - 14 - Gangaikonda Cholapuram - The Coronation of Rajendra Chola

15. The ever graceful cosmic dance – Nataraja at Gangaikondacholapuram

Mindsnack - 15 - Gangikonda Cholapuram - Nataraja

16. A tired Team CRI at Gangaikondacholapuram (After a particularly heavy breakfast)

Mindsnack - 16 - A Tired Team CRI at Gangaikonda Cholapuram