Aravindan Neelakandan
Hindu Sanghathan Perspective – Why should we support the release of the three sentenced in the Rajiv Gandhi assasination case?
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Because the real brain behind the assassination is out at large:

  • The complete mystery behind Rajiv Gandhi assassination has never really come out. If Rahotaman, the CBI sleuth who investigated the assassination, is to be believed, the role of few key political insiders, belonging to Congress party, has not been properly investigated.
  • One does not need to be a geopolitical expert to figure out it was China that immensely benefited from the fallout of Rajiv Gandhi murder. It gained unprecedented leverage over the island nation along with Pakistan. It was the LTTE which suffered the worst because of its role in Rajiv Gandhi murder. The assassination drastically changed the political scenario in India and helped a thoroughly discredited and a completely demoralized Congress party to come to power. But for the assassination of Rajiv, BJP riding on the Ayodhya wave, would have been within striking distance of power. In fact, propping up Chandrasekhar government itself was a ploy by Rajiv Gandhi to tide over the Ayodhya wave.  Chandrasekar government, had in it ranks, elements who owed greater personal allegiance to Rajiv and China than loyalty to Chandrasekhar or commitment to Indian strategic interest.
  • On the whole, China benefitted strategically and Congress benefitted politically on account of Rajiv Gandhi’s elimination. The greatest setbacks were to a) Tamils, who had to bear the catastrophic consequences of a genocidal civil war and b) geo-strategic interests of India in the Indian Ocean region. It is within the realms of possibility that pro-Chinese forces, based both in Indian polity and abroad, could have played on the short term fears of LTTE, by feeding it with misinformation about Indian political scenario and could have used them as an instrument in eliminating Rajiv Gandhi.
  • While LTTE itself was an instrument in the hands of unseen players who are at large still, those arrested and sentenced to death were still pawns in the hands of LTTE and thus twice removed from the actual planners of the gory killing of the 16 innocent persons along with Rajiv Gandhi ex-PM.

Because there is a need for an emotional reconciliation

  • Nehruvian Indian state has consistently neglected and even betrayed its commitment to culturally related Indic people outside India. Sufferings of Bangladeshi Hindus and Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus stand as testimony to callous approach of Nehruvian Indian state. Today Sri Lankan Tamils have become a global diaspora and targets of Proselytizers.  It is in the Dharmic duty of Indian state to free itself from that original Nehruvian sin and tend to the wounds caused by such policies of arrogance and ignorance of the umbilical relations of culture and spirituality.
  • Tamils, it should be remembered, are part of the pan-Hindu family. They have undergone a trauma and a great human loss. Congress, which had pampered Palestinian terrorists in Indian soil, has never given half the respectful treatment that the Tamil movement in Sri Lanka deserved.  Even worse, the Congress tried to manipulate them and use them instead of sincerely trying to solve their issues respecting their identity. And that manipulation backfired as it did in the case of Sikh separatism were the Sikh separatism nurtured by Indira Gandhi led to her death.
  • As every day new footages of atrocious and inhuman killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka surface, there is an increasing number of Tamils in Indian mainland who become emotionally alienated from their pan-Indian identity. Voices of support for Mahindra Rajapakshe, from certain quarters of national parties, actually do not serve the cause of Indian unity. On the contrary it allows anti-Indian forces to foment trouble and reinforce their propaganda that the ‘Aryan’ ‘Brahminical’ North India is always against the interest of Tamils. However these anti-Indian forces conveniently forget that one man who staunchly opposed India’s myopic misadventure in the island and called for a detailed and a more empathetic study of Sri Lankan situation was himself a Brahmin – A.P.Venkateswaran. It cost him his post as foreign secretary. Rajiv Gandhi removed him in the most humiliating manner.
  • Some quarters in India often confuse the Dravidian racism with Sri Lankan Tamil movement. Though the Dravidian and Theosophical movements did play their roles in shaping the pseudo-scientific notion of Aryan-Dravidian binary in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Tamils did not inherit the mental disease of anti-Hindu hatred that is central to Tamil Nadu Dravidian narrative. The confusion has led to a blind spot in certain people which refuses to see even the colossal human tragedy that our brethren have undergone in Sri Lanka. 
  • Recent times has come as a rude awakening to  many genuine supporters of Tamil movement. They are realizing that the preachers of Dravidian/Tamil separatism are clownish manipulators who perniciously exploited the Tamil sentiments for their own prosperity and their family welfare.  And in the process they never cared whether Tamils lived or died. Today they realize that they could get justice only within India. Today they realize that Vai.Ko, an ally of BJP and Jethmalani, a maverick liberal patriot committed unequivocally to idea of  an united India, have done more for the cause of Tamils than those who plan for weakening India and sing songs of Dravidian racism. Even if Jethmalani argued the case as only a professional lawyer, even then Tamils should feel grateful to this venerable old lawyer.
  • Thus Hindu nationalism or the cultural nationalism of this land has won over the impractical unhistorical linguistic separatism. Only a strong united India can save and serve the interests of Tamils and provide them justice. Only a central government that respects and values the spiritual and cultural contribution of Tamils to the very existence of India can make India strong and united. Hence the clemency shown to the death-sentenced Tamils naturally is an act of reconciliation and reinforcement of the idea of culturally and spiritually united India.
  • Supporting the clemency and subsequent move of the Tamil Nadu government to release the prisoners does not in any way endorse either the violence of LTTE or the Dravidian racism. On the other hand this is an opportunity for the Hindu Sanghathanists to drive home the point that only a united culturally sensitive India can serve the cause of Tamils worldwide.

If you have doubts then just have a look at the judgments delivered by Honorable 40th Chief Justice of India.