Our vision is to promote intelligent political discourse in India and contribute a centre-right perspective to the public sphere. CRI seeks to provide high-quality, independent analyses of political, social, and cultural issues that concern the Indian public and in doing so, strengthen Indian democracy.

Launched in 2010, CRI works towards a society that freely discusses its affairs and a transparent government. We believe that the foundations of a healthy state can only be laid on an unhindered spirit of human enterprise. To that end, we advocate open markets, open minds, and open government.

Ultimately, no society is merely the sum of its rational and utilitarian parts – it is the ties that bind us that also give life meaning. CRI, in keeping with its credo of freedom with responsibility, respects the free association of people, the traditions and customs of these associations, and applauds the richness they bring to the local as well as national fabric.

At the core of CRI’s mission lies a belief in the transformative and redemptive power of politics. Despite the unfulfilled dreams and broken ideals that characterise India’s polity, we remain staunch in our belief that it is chiefly in the realm of the political that we can emancipate ourselves and our country.

Centre Right India (CRI) is an internet-based subsidiary of Kovai Media Private Limited (KMPL), Coimbatore. The CRI Community is presently constituted by the following members:

Chief Editorial Team

 Amar GovindarajanPrasanna Viswanathan, and Manohar Seetharam

Contributing Editors

Aravindan NeelakantanHarsh Gupta and Sandeep Balakrishna

Community Editors

Suhas Ambale and Sunanda Vashisht

Web Admin
Sahana Rao

Centre Right India accepts unsolicited submissions, the best of which are published on our main page. If you have any questions, comments or feedback or you would like to write for us, please get in touch with us using the Contact us page and we shall be glad to get back to you.

Important: For legal queries and concerns kindly refer to our Legal Matters page. A disclosure document concerning  CRI is available here.

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  • http://tatwaanweshanam.blogspot.com/ Manas

    Good initiative. It might help generate more traffic to your site and increase readership if subscription via email is provided.

  • Vijay Vikram

    Thanks Manas. We’ll work on integrating that feature.

  • http://twitter.com/theprudent Prudent Indian

    Send me an email at theprudent@gmail.com shall be happy to associate with you people.


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    Very interesting and educating, Can I have new posts via E mail?

    • Anonymous

      Done :)

  • http://twitter.com/ma_falesu Sidd C

    Good to see that.

  • muslimbhagawat

    why braman and sagsrika are against cri

  • Vardhman Jain

    Would it be possible for you to share you posts on Google+ ? I tried looking you up there but couldn’t find your page. I just read one article of yours and realized I would rather follow you to not miss any new posts.

  • Shiva Sai Ram

    Great job and how to contribute to your articles..???

  • Narayanan

    How to contribute to your articles!!! good initiative.

  • Narasing

    Great initiative! Hope to see this evolve into Full Center right media outlet(TV(all languages), newspaper and most importantly think-tanks). Please approach lots of academicians, professionals and all right leaning individuals including NRIs across the world.Also expand the horizon to fund full research projects across India and world. Tie up with other organizations as well such as Infinity foundation, niticentral and others. A grand vision and broader coalition needed to challenge highly entrenched left-wing media/academics and politics in India. Thank you.

  • निखिल उत्तराखंडी

    I liked the themes that Centre right team is touching and appreciate the healthy debates those continue the articles . Can people apart from edit team too can send their views to be posted ?