Prasanna Viswanathan is CEO, Swarajya. His confused worldview is a complex interplay of several profound influences - Aurobindo, Ambedkar, Rajaji, Savarkar, Shourie and Dawkins.

  • TN State Assembly Election Podcast

    As the campaign on TN assembly election closed yesterday and voting happens tommorow, Associate Editor Prasanna has a fascinating 60 minute conversation with Badri Seshadri and K Balakrishnan on the issues and likely outcome of TN Assembly elections. [audio src=""] Download as MP3....
  • Deciphering a ‘Secular’ revolt

    Have the multitude of mutinies in the Arab World put to rest the widely held belief that political Islam is fundamentally incompatible with democracy? Concerted attempts have been made by the global liberal intelligentsia and leftist commentariat to suggest that series....
  • Gauging Gadkari

    Little more than a year ago, Nitin Gadkari was catapulted in to the centre stage of national politics, thanks largely to behind the scène machinations of few unelected but powerful apparatchiks operating out of Nagpur. Outside of Maharashtra, where he....
  • Understanding the BJP – Part 1

    Thanks to reasons ranging from facile political punditry to motivated media propaganda, BJP has largely been straight jacketed as ideologically homogenized political force orchestrated by some shadowy unelected backroom knickerclique in Nagpur. Nothing could