What is Centre Right India’s policy on anonymity?

While CRI does not encourage anonymity among its writers and contributors, the editorial team is well aware of the real implications of one’s political, socio-cultural, or economic views. In an effort to encourage greater participation by domain experts in the public sphere, fully cognizant of the privileged positions some of the writers may hold, CRI has decided after much discussion, to allow writers to protect their identity and remain anonymous on the website. However, the CRI editorial team insists on knowing the identity of the writers but will keep it in the strictest confidence.


How can I submit an article to Centre Right India?

You may submit your piece to the appropriate section by mailing to editor@centreright.in . However, before you do, please ensure you have followed the submission guidelines which can be found here .


I love Centre Right India! How can I support the organization?

 We thank you for your support and look forward to your continued readership and patronage. Please spread the word about CRI to your friends and family. All contributions go towards the maintenance of the website and creating further content of the highest quality. Please send your contributions to [insert link].


How can I contact an author who has written for Centre Right India?

The contact information of the author is available at the end of his/her article. This information is either the twitter handle or e-mail address. If no contact information is available, it has been withheld at the author’s explicit request. Please contact the editorial team through CRI’s official Twitter account, Facebook page, or e-mail, and if the author consents, we will patch you through.


What is your comments moderation policy?

On the website as well as on Facebook and Twitter, CRI will not censor any comment from its readers for its political leanings or any other affiliation. However, CRI does not tolerate any abuse on its digital real estate. The fora are a place for discussion and debate, neither of which are happening in the exchange of abuses.


I really liked a piece I saw on Centre Right India. Is it possible for me to post it on my website as well?

 While CRI is glad for you to republish an article from its website, we insist that a proper attribution be made to the website and a link back to CRI be provided. However, please e-mail the editorial team and ask for permission before doing so since CRI may have special arrangements with the authors of some of the articles it carries. A proper attribution will take the following format:

This post was written by [enter author’s name as it appears on the CRI website] and was first published on Centre Right India on [enter date]. It has been reproduced with permission.


Does Centre Right India allow syndication of its content?

CRI does allow syndication of its content. However, please contact our editorial team for permission as restrictions may apply depending upon terms CRI has with an author. Each syndicated post will have to carry the appropriate attribution (as given in the above question) and link back to CRI.


Do all the articles on the Centre Right India portal reflect the organization’s views?

No, not all the articles that are published by Centre Right India reflect the views of the organization. CRI is committed to an open debate on the various issues that concern the Indian public and will consider any well-researched and substantiated article for publication regardless of political inclination. CRI’s views may only be expressed by the editorial team from the official CRI channels on Facebook, Twitter, or the website. All personal accounts of the editorial team, either on Facebook or on Twitter, reflect only the personal views of the account holder.


Does Centre Right India support any political party?

CRI does not support any political party. However, it reserves the right to endorse a party that matches our ideals more closely in election season. Our editorial team believes that each issue must be discussed on its merit alone and not the political affiliations any stance might entail. Given CRI’s political leaning, expressed in the name itself, it is possible that one might confuse a rhyme for an echo; however, correlation must not be confused for congruence.