This page will feature some of the finest commentary and analysis of Indian and World affairs that is available from non-CRI sources:

– Asia and Western Dominance: Retrospect and Prospect: Indian Economist Deepak Lal analyses the encounter between Western Civilization and Asia. He judges the extent to which the prospect of an independent and strong Asia melding its own traditions with the modernity of the West has been achieved.

– Is India a Flailing State? Detours on the Four Lane Highway to Modernisation: Lant Pritchett (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University) on what ails India and how it compares with China.

Macaulay’s Stepchildren: Anjum Altaf, Economist and Education Consultant on the legacy of colonial education policies in the Indian Subcontinent.

The Beastly Beatitudes of Subramanian S: Veteran journalist Ashok Malik profiles the bête noire of the Indian establishment and former Harvard Economics instructor, Subramanian Swamy.

Shall we Call the President?: Tweeting former Minister of State for External Affairs and former high-flying UN bon vivant, Shashi Tharoor argues that it’s time for the Indian Parliament to go and be replaced with a Presidential form of government.

– The Invention of Pakistan: How the British Raj Sundered: Karl E. Meyer provides a good account of the forces involved in the partition of the Indian subcontinent with new evidence on some contested issues like the Radcliffe line.

– Acid Dreams on Dharma Nights: A critical profile of Arun Shourie in Tehelka.

– The Sarkari Musalman: Saba Naqvi highlights the vicissitudes of the secular experiment in India.

– Capital Gains: An essay on Delhi by Rana Dasgupta in Granta Summer 2009.

– Masters in Illiberal Arts: Shekhar Gupta laments the glaring intellectual deficit in the liberal arts and social sciences in India.

– The Month We Lost Dara: Ashok Malik on the India that might have been. [Archived on Pakistan Defence]

– India’s Higher Education Reform: From Half-Baked Socialism to Half-Baked Capitalism: Devesh Kapur and Pratap Bhanu Mehta highlight the crisis facing Indian higher education.

– Quota Is Not The Way: Arun Shourie’s impassioned plea against Reservations.

– The Story of the Integration of the Indian States: Iconic Raj-era civil servant, Vappala Pangunni (V.P.) Menon catalogues the integration of 500+ princely states into the Indian Union and with it the effort to give political meaning to the geographic expression, ‘India’.

Tagore’s Gandhi Novel: George Lukacs rips apart Rabindranath Tagore.


Strategic Affairs and Geopolitics:

The Indian Continent’s Geography of Conflict: Robert Kaplan offers a geographic history of the Indian Strategic entity stretching from the Mauryan era to the present day.

Nonalignment 2.0: Leading Indian policymakers and national security experts lay out the principles of India’s foreign and strategic policy in the 21st Century.

Primary Sources:

The Constitution of India: Government of India, Ministry of Law and Justice (2007)

The Life and Work of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Foreword, C. Rajagopalachari

Counter-Insurgency Field Manual: General David H. Petraeus (2006)


Media Watch

“Paid News”: How Corruption in the Media Undermines Democracy: A Report of the Sub-Committee of the Press Council of India

Brokering News: A Prasar Bharti/Doordarshan Documentary on the Corruption in the Indian Media

Popular Culture:

Rare Photographs of Pandit Nehru

Search Kashmir

At the Edge: The finest online source of modern Indian popular culture. Curated by Vinayak Razdan


An Introduction to Chinese Civilization: Harvard Extension School Distance Education (Open Learning Initiative)

China’s Great Rebalancing Act: Politico-Economic consulting firm Eurasia Group argues that the Chinese leadership is unlikely to implement the bold reforms required to sustain high economic growth.

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